Fixing Chef cluster issues

Chef is a vital part of the infrastructure for many enterprises, as a configuration management tool to automate the provisioning of their IT infrastructure, with additional compliance capabilities. But in can get tricky when things stop working and not much specialised information is available. May 2018

Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu 15.04

Starting with ubuntu 15.04, Upstart has been replaced with systemd, and whilst installing MongoDB was no issue, there was no way of having it running as a service by default. Jan 2016

CSV UTF-8 encoding issues in Excel

This frustrating csv UTF-8 encoding issue, most of the times, occurs after using Microsoft Excel for your CSV file, and that is due to a bug which causes some accented characters to become corrupted before / during / after import or just document edit (depending on when you use Microsoft Excel) – this is a known Microsoft bug which has never been fixed. The solution is to either install and use OpenOffice or Google Docs’ Spreadsheet function for smaller files, load the document and force save as a CSV file with the right encoding. Oct 2015

Marketing vanity URLs

Vanity urls are simple but incredibly efficient redirects to help the marketing teams track their  campaigns via Google Analytics, in this case, and help build reports or track their effectiveness. This is a small walk-through on: Jun 2015

Using a 'direct' subdomain at CloudFlare and avoiding Google duplicate content penalties

Don’t know how many of you had realized this problem so far, but having a direct sub domain at Cloudflare, for example:, which has the purpose to serve a live non-cached of the site, can create some duplicate content issues at google, and that’s never good. Well, the best and easiest solution that I found, was to redirect robots.txt to a robots.php Apache Rewrite rule Oct 2014

Lazy loading images with JavaScript

During the rebuild of my Videouri project, I was constantly looking for the best approach of writing and serving all the modules involved, and onto that matter, I decided to do a bit of investigation into implementing a lazy load for the images. First thing that came into my head was to server the images, upon DOM ready with the help of jQuery: Nov 2013